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Why Spoka?

Talk is cheap. And that’s a good thing.
If you run a small business, you need to do more with less. Spoka is all about keeping it clean and simple. It’s a single app to change the way you communicate for the better.


One phone number for all your devices

Spoka for Cloud Phone allows you to pick up calls on your deskphone, laptop or mobile. Wherever you go, your phone number will ring on the device of your choice.


Conferencing without the hassle

Spoka for Video Meetings offers the same great experience whatever the device you decide to use. HD video calls without the need to download and install a software.


Say goodbye to bad quality calls

Impress your clients with clear and consistent communication. Premium cloud voice and HD video conferencing guaranted by a robust platform.


Spoka grows with you

You can’t let growing pains get in the way of great work. We’ve designed Spoka to be modular and flexible, scaling up and down with your business and budget. There’s no upfront costs and no long-term commitment required.

Spoka is quick to learn

You don’t have time to learn new tech. So, we’ve kept Spoka simple. You don’t need to be a whizz-kid to get set up in a few minutes. Just plug, play and fall back on our support team if you get stuck.


Spoka just works

You can’t afford to be let down by their tools. We are proud partners with Arkadin, NTT Group and Cisco, market leaders in telecommunications, IT and networking. These alliances allow us to offer a service that’s clean, efficient and reliable.

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