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Organize Video Meetings with Spoka

Looking for a reliable, high quality video conferencing solution?


Simple & reliable Video Conferencing

No downloads. Screen sharing. Easy scheduling. Meetings anywhere you want.

Key Benefits:

Unlimited meetings & calls
Unlimited recordings
46 countries included for dial-in & dial-out

Built for growing businesses


No commitment

No long term contracts. Add and remove users to your team as you need them.

No IT needed

Get your account setup in 3 mins. No downloads and or IT skills required.


Works anywhere, on your preferred devices, regardless of your infrastructure.

Controlled costs

Unlimited domestic calls, plus toll numbers available for 46 countries.

One meeting, multiple ways to join

Spoka Meet is super flexible. Not only can you join by web browser, but your guests can also choose a way that works for them.

Web Browser (Chrome)
Skype for Business
Desktop, Mobile or Tablet App
Video Room System
Dial-in or out via phone

Introducing a truly unlimited offering

Unlimited Meetings and Calls

Unlimited HD Video Meetings for up to 50 guests.

Unlimited Recording

Now you can record meetings to use as training tools later on. Or simply send to a guest who couldn't make it. With unlimited storage, you can record to your hearts content.

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