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How do I join a one-time meeting?

Last updated: 25 February 2019

This guide covers:

What is an One Time Meeting? 

An One Time Meeting is a meeting with a 4 digit, non-customisable security code on Spoka Meet,
making it secure and private.
Only 1 One Time Meeting can be held at a given time.
Each One Time Meeting is private and separate. Only invited participants will be able to join.


Joining the Meeting & Login 

One Time Meetings can only be scheduled and created through the Outlook & Chrome Plugins
The best way to join an One Time Meeting is through an email invitation, created by Outlook or Chrome.
If the Moderator joins directly from the Desktop or Mobile app, the meeting will open as a standard meeting (without a security code).
Find all your credentials and ways to join on your email invitation.


Join by Phone

If you have never started an One Time Meeting by phone, the access will be the same as a standard meeting.
During your first time, you will be required to do an additional step before gaining phone access. This applies for the moderator and guests.
This additional step will require your PIN code as well as an One Time Meeting Code, which you will receive in your email invitation.


Moderator Controls

The moderator has full control of their meeting and its guests.
Moderator and guests have the same code and the Moderator can choose between having a meeting with a security code (One Time Meeting) or without a security code (standard meeting).
Only invited participants will be able to join and only 1 meeting can be held at a time.
If the moderator opens a second meeting, the first meeting will close automatically and new participants will join the second meeting.
Recurring meetings can be organized and the same code can we used for each meeting session.

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