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How do I join and start a meeting by Chrome?

Last updated: 25 February 2019

This guide covers:

Start Instant Meeting on Chrome

Instant meetings are one-click away with your own personal meeting room and URL on Spoka Meet.
Share your link and start your meeting.
Click Start meeting on MySpoka and it will open a new tab on your Chrome browser.
Choose to download the Desktop App or advance directly into the meeting.
Instantly joining your meeting on Chrome.


Join Instant Meeting on Chrome

You will receive a URL link to join the meeting from the moderator
Just open the URL on your Chrome Browser and click to directly enter the meeting.


Join & Start Meeting through Email Invitation 

Within your email invitation, you can join and start the meeting.
When you click to join, it will open a Chrome window and you can join the meeting.
As a guest, you may have to wait for your moderator to start the call.
As the moderator, Spoka Meet will say Welcome and your meeting will open and begin !
This is all without downloads, making Spoka Meet easy to meet !

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