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How do I record my meeting?

Last updated: 25 February 2019

This guide covers:

Recording Availability

As the moderator, you can record your meeting using the Spoka Meet Desktop & Mobile Apps and Chrome.
Skype for Business and Video Room Systems have similar functionalities, but they are not directly linked to Spoka Meet.
Recording is not available by phone only.

Start and Stop Recording 

To start recording, just select the REC button within the moderator tools. A small recording symbol and a notification will appear on the right,  indicating that the recording has begun. All participants will also receive a  notification.
Then chat, share and enjoy Spoka Meet.
You can stop recording at anytime, but your meeting can still continue. Click the REC button again.
Once you have stopped, you will receive a notification and a short email from Spoka.


In your short email from Spoka, you will receive a URL link that you can share with your guests, download the recording directly onto your computer as a .mp4 file or play back the recording.
If you select play recording, you can review your recording and re-live your meeting.

And there you are. You've Recorded your Meeting on Spoka Meet.

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