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How do I schedule a meeting on Outlook Plugin?

Last updated: 25 February 2019

This guide covers:

Download Outlook Plugin

The easiest way to schedule a meeting on Spoka Meet is to download the Outlook Plugin.
Within MySpoka, you can click on the Download button and follow the instructions.
After installing, open your Outlook to discover Spoka Meet integrated into your toolbar with 2 buttons.
Schedule Meeting or More Options.


Schedule a meeting using your calendar 

Go to your Outlook Calendar.
Choose the time and date you want to have your meeting.
Within your invitation, click "Add Conference Details" in the toolbar and choose between which meeting you want.
This will then pre-populate the email invitation with all necessary participant information.
Just add the subject and a message and you are good to go!


Schedule a Standard Meeting

You can choose between 2 different types of meetings.
A standard meeting is a meeting without a secuirty code where all participants are given the same entry points and pin codes.


Schedule an One Time Meeting 

An One Time Meeting is a meeting with a security code that is automatically generated for each individual meeting, making it secure and private.
We advise to use an One Time Meeting for confidential conversations.
Click on one-time meeting and a pre-populated email invitation will appear with all necessary information.
Then enter additional details and you've scheduled an one time, secure meeting with Spoka Meet.

Outlook Toolbar Options

You can join the conference directy or choose to send a standard or short invitation.
A standard invitation includes all connection points in detail while a short invitation also includes the ways to join but in a more direct and concise way.
In addition, you can go to the Spoka Portal and change your settings.

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