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How do I share my screen?

Last updated: 25 February 2019

This guide covers:

Share your screen on Desktop

With Spoka Meet, you can share your screen during the meeting.
Simply click the screen sharing button,
Confirm that you want to share,
and there is a participant view. This is what the participants will see.
You can stop sharing your screen at anytime.
Simply click the button again,
and there you have it.
You have shared your screen with Spoka Meet.


Share your screen on Chrome

To share your screen via Chrome, you will need to download a Sharing Plugin.
The first time you try to share, Chrome will prompt you to download this plugin.
Download and then you can start sharing by simply clicking the screen sharing button.


Share your screen on Skype For Business & Video Room Systems

Sharing on Skype is easy.
Simply click the screen sharing button on the skype window and choose what you want to share.

Sharing on Video Room Systems is linked to the system itself.
Click the sharing button and plug in your computer to share.

Share your screen on your Android mobile

You can share your screen using your Android device
Both moderator and guests can share their screen, but only 1 at a time.
When you enter the meeting, select the button with 3 lines on the top right-hand corner.
Select Start Screen Sharing and a border with an S will appear around your screen, indicating that your entire screen is being shared and all participants have access.
Select the S tab and enable annotations.
Using your finger, you can emphasize certain elements like a pointer.
To stop sharing, select stop.
Screen sharing is made easy on Andriod mobile !

Spoka Meet Android 1
Spoka Meet Android 2
Spoka Meet Android 3
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