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How do I use Moderator Tools?

Last updated: 25 February 2019

This guide covers:

Discover Moderator Tools

As the moderator, you have specific tools to help you have a successful meeting.
They can be found at the bottom left hand corner.
You can invite guests, change the layout, lock conference, mute attendees & record!


Invite Guests

You can add guests to your on-going meeting by calling them, which is also known as dial out.
You can invite them by sending an email or
You can share the link to the meeting
They can join your on-going meeting by any of these ways.

Change Layout

In order to have a better viewing experience of your guests, you can change your layout.
There are 4 options available:
1. Main Speaker Only
2. Up to 4 Main Speakers
3. Main Speaker & up to 7 attendees
4. Main Speaker & up to 21 attendees.
This helps when you have multiple attendees in your meeting.


Lock Conference

To make your meeting more secure, you can lock the conference. This will not allow people to join or leave your meeting.


Mute Attendees & Record 

How To Mute Attendees is a separate How-To Page, along with chatting.
How To Record a Meeting is a separate How-To Page. Discover more there.

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